In the instance that you need to reinstall SimpleMining OS (SMOS)

Please follow the installation instructions as per

All those things do in Windows 7/8/10

  • Download R or RX or NV image from download section
  • Install: - flashing tool
  • Flash image to any drive:
  • After Flashing you will see new drive in windows. Open it
  • Edit config.txt, replace email by yours, save and close this file
  • Take this drive and boot your rig from it
  • System will boot and start making auto-updates.
  • Go to Dashboard and login with your email
  • Now you should see your rig and you can start managing it
  • Go to Rig List -> Miner OPTIONS and set miner config

We are able to do this for you at the cost of $99 inc GST inclusive of postage. This includes a 32GB USB key which will replace your current USB key and will be mailed to you.