Often we are asked, should I buy an ALL in one unit from the likes of Bitmain such as an Antminer S9+ or L3++ Unit or even the upcoming (July 2018, E3)

Let’s have a look at some comparisons :

We have based this on current AUD Value of GPU components. Note the Antminer E3 price is not landed and you will need to pay customs tax and duties + GST on this once landed.

MRA – GTX1060 RigAntminer E3
Retail Price with PSU$5,232.75  - Estimate$2998.25 (not landed)
Hash/s per second ETH132 Mh/s180
Hash/s per second XMR1830 Sols0
Price per hash (ETC)$39.64$16.65
Power Consumed800 Watts800 Watts
ShippingImmediatelyEnd of July 2018
Comes with AU Certfied PSUYesNo
PSU is 80 Plus Gold CertifiedYesNo
Customisable, Open Source SoftwareYesNo
Mines a variety of CoinsYesNo
Usable after ETH POS or protocol changeYesNo
Retains ValueYesNo
Usable for purposes other than MiningYesNo
Maximum available for purchase by one clientUnlimited100
Warranty Period1-3 Years180 Days
Warranty is TransferableYesNo
Warranty is Australian BasedYesNo – Back to China

You will find that the MRA hardware is more expensive per hash rate. 

However your equipment will not turn into a brick overnight (ASIC blocked), can be utilised for diversification on multiple GPU currencies, retains value and can be build and shipped now.