Simple. Work out the output of the unit you are looking at purchasing. Let's use a 6 card GPU that mines at 31 Mh's per card as an example. This would be 186 Mh's. These cards are also setup to mine Ethereum.
  • Head over to Cryptocompare and load up the Mining Calculator. This allows you to calculate the current rate at the current Ethereum value and difficulty rating.
  • Enter the electricity usage eg 110w per card x 6 (Let's presume 660w)
  • Enter your electricity costs at your current provider rate (Let's presume 0.33c per KWh)
  • Your profit per month will be generated at the current value. This takes into consideration all electricity costs as well.
To calculate Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash you will be able to also calculate this using the Cryptocompare Calculator. Please read our Disclaimer for more information before considering purchasing a Mining Rig.