We are often asked why don’t you have an online store like some of our competitors? The answer is simple. Pricing varies EVERY DAY so does AVAILABILITY

When our customer’s wish to order a mining rig from us we want to ensure that you get the latest versions of the hardware, not stock that has been sitting around for months (with warranty expiring). We also want to ensure that we are able to pick and choose hardware based on the client’s requirements. 

A good example is a client the other day wanted to mine a particular coin and the only way to mine the most profitable method was an 11GB 1080TI card. We could only get these at a premium price. Something that again changes daily, as with available quantities. 

We can and will ensure that the rig you purchased is in stock and is the latest components. The pricing that we give is you is current and valid for 24 hours only. A good example is a client ordered some hardware on Monday (invoiced) and Today that same configuration has gone up some $50 per GPU.  T

his would mean that we would need to update our website multiple times a day with configurations and availability something unfortunately we don’t have the time for.