• Hardware Warranty is for a period of 12 months from date of purchase for GPU custom built systems and 3 months for ASIC mining systems
  • For GPU built systems warranty is component based eg GPU, Motherboard, Riser, CPU, RAM and is subject to manufacturers warranty terms and conditions. 
  • For GPU built systems warranty is back to base and the faulty component is required to be sent back to Mining Rigs Australia at your cost. Upon repair / warranty replacement the replaced component will be sent to the customer at our cost.
  • For GPU built system failures that require software installation and configuration this is considered a new install and will be charged at our normal support rate.
  • ASIC based systems are required to be sent back to the manufacturer at your cost.

Please ensure that ANY hardware sent back to Mining Rigs Australia is covered by Insurance and is packed accordingly. We accept no responsibility for damage incurred to the Mining Rig during transit on its return to us.


  • Server / Chassis Fans such as those installed within a fan rail or on the front of the server chassis are considered consumable items and are not covered under the same warranty terms as other components. Whilst they are designed to last longer than 12 months, dust, and environmental conditions can affect longevity and performance output. It is therefore advised to clean the fans / chassis every few months to extend life of the fans. 
  • Fans will only be replaced under DOA (Dead on Arrival) terms only.


As Mining Rigs are computer components, it is recommended that the following is taken into consideration when placing your mining rig in its final location:

  • Ambient room temperature is less than 40 degrees celsius and there is sufficient airflow
  • As this is highly sensitive computer equipment that the Mining Rig is placed in a location that is dust free and free from magnetic interference
  • That ample power / circuits are provided to ensure that the Mining Rig is getting enough power relevant to the rig purchased.
  • That overload protection is in place to prevent against power surges, and overloads to the circuit it is connected to
  • That any power adaptors, plugs are rated for the power output of the Mining Rig and devices connected to the power adaptor. 

Mining Rigs Australia has all rights to void warranty based on the following criteria:

  • Excessive Dust 
  • Damage caused by transit or movement of system from one location to another
  • Damage caused by power issues / fluctuations
  • Damage caused by modifications to the rig via software or hardware
  • Damage caused by excessive temperature, moisture, humidity, or environmental conditions